Content is not king

If not content, what wears the crown? It’s not even a princess. In the castle of all things content-related – web pages, blogs, videos, print materials – content is a peasant. I read lots of content every day. Most of it I throw into the moat to feed the gators. It’s chum. Odds and ends […]

‘But I learned in second-grade English …’

Time for a refresher course As people who write advertising, we hear that a lot. “You can’t start a sentence with ‘and’.” Or, “It’s not a complete sentence unless it has a subject and a verb.” Or, “You should never use contractions in your writing.” Well, all of those things are probably true. We do learn, early in our education, […]

Presentation recap: 9 tips for social media writing

How to increase your social media savvy Last week, Julie Battle and I had the opportunity to present at the Seminars from the Pros event hosted by Social Media Club Great Lakes Bay. What a wonderful opportunity for attendees to learn tried and true tips from local professionals – everything from photography and video to […]

Demystifying digital advertising

So what really is digital advertising? While digital advertising certainly isn’t new to the industry, it’s become a popular tactic for many businesses looking to expand their advertising strategy. It’s such a good choice because of the ability to target a specific audience – by behavior, geography or by certain keywords. Digital advertising is the […]

Content marketing simplified

Content marketing 101 There’s a lot of chatter about content marketing out there. It’s hard to decide if and how it fits into your overall marketing plan. Here is a simple breakdown of what you need to know to get started. What is it? Content marketing is simply the process for creating and distributing free […]

Long live the news release

The news isn’t dead As a public relations practitioner, I believe it’s important to stay on top of the latest industry trends and practices. I am particularly struggling with one industry debate, however, that involves the news release. Some people believe it’s no longer an acceptable way to share news. For example, I recently overheard […]