Content is not king

If not content, what wears the crown?

It’s not even a princess. In the castle of all things content-related – web pages, blogs, videos, print materials – content is a peasant.

I read lots of content every day. Most of it I throw into the moat to feed the gators. It’s chum. Odds and ends and bits and pieces used to bait or hook the unsuspecting, yet hopeful, purveyor of useful information.

So if content is not king, what is? What will you use to reel in the customer?


Solutions hold the key to happily ever after

Smart, savvy, engaging, useful, effective, relevant, entertaining, damn that’s good solutions.

There are problems everywhere:

I can’t reach millennials.

No one watches my video.

I need more subscribers.

The cat peed on the sofa.

Find out what your customers are struggling with. Get to the heart of their challenges. Stand in their boots. Now pull out your artillery of solutions and fire away. Tell the royal trumpeters to announce across the land – the solution lies here!

Own the throne. Show and tell solutions. And maybe your content will live happily ever after in Profitville.