Benefits of Brand Mascots

In this article we’ll explore why mascots are important and how they serve in achieving the duties of the brand.

Simply put, a brand mascot is a character or object that represents or personifies a brand.

Secrets of the Gardens

A breath of fresh air We’re all soaking up the sunshine here at the AMPM offices. Glancing out the conference room window, we never get tired of seeing this season’s lush leaves and blue skies. Michigan gets to show off during these warmer months. While winter can often keep most of us cooped up indoors, […]

My website’s been hacked! Now what?

First of all, don’t panic. A number of things could be the culprit, so stay calm. We’ve put together this handy flowchart to make it easy to figure out what’s happened to your website and what to do about it. There are usually three circumstances you’re dealing with: Redirect attack – anyone attempting to come […]

Five tips to keep your website secure

We’ve got your back with cyber attacks From time to time I like to revisit websites that we’ve developed. For many of our clients, we design and develop the site and “hand the keys” over to them once it’s up and running. Not too long ago, I visited a site that I noticed had garbled […]

Planning a successful trade show – an exhibitor’s perspective

Trade show tips to take you to the next level AMPM has been designing client trade show displays and coordinating show details for nearly 20 years. In fact, we sort of fell into the trade show business by accident but the knowledge and experience we’ve gained over the years has been invaluable to our clients. […]

Get over yourself

“…big values, a little humility, straight talk and a genuine point of view.” (The Cluetrain Manifesto) Be brave in your communications. Talk like you mean it. And never lose your sense of humor. It is what binds us together – the frail human condition that we all share. I know what you’re thinking – how […]

Are you fully baked?

When it comes to your industry knowledge, the limit does not exist I follow Seth Godin. He writes simple, quick blog articles. I don’t always subscribe to his thinking, but more often than not, he gives me something to chew on. Recently, he wrote a blog called, “Fully baked.” It was about people he called […]

The 5 things clients can do to create agency cost efficiencies

We promise, we’re not just trying to take your money The marketing services and client arena has changed dramatically over the last decade. Both clients and agency partners are focused intently on implementing cost efficiencies. Agencies are often afraid of advising the client on ways to save money for fear of insulting the client and […]

I say prŏcess, you say prōcess

The most efficient path is a straight line At AMPM, we know how to get from here to there without going everywhere. Processes, methods, procedures are the GPS of project management. While flow charts and spreadsheets may be the bane of a creative’s existence, most understand they are a necessity. They not only track progress […]