I say prŏcess, you say prōcess

The most efficient path is a straight line

At AMPM, we know how to get from here to there without going everywhere. Processes, methods, procedures are the GPS of project management. While flow charts and spreadsheets may be the bane of a creative’s existence, most understand they are a necessity. They not only track progress and costs, they also tell us who did what when. (Hint: the copywriter in the conference room with an Acer Aspire.)

Clients and account managers salivate over cells and columns of data soldiers marching in unison across multiple pages. And how professional do we feel when with the tap of a finger the trade show logistics are merrily in place and we can answer with confidence: “Why yes, your custom telepresence robot is engaging with attendees now.”

There is an upside beyond managing details for both the client and the agency partner. Agencies that employ specific processes can run lean. There is less time spent searching for answers, confirming deadlines and trying to find out when the digital ads go live. This all adds up to savings for the client.

More work done by less people makes clients happy. And happy makes for repeat business.

Thank you Excel spreadsheet.