Celebrating the art of collaboration

Effective collaboration is key to a successful marketing campaign. Leveraging the capabilities of an external agency can supplement the marketing efforts of an internal marketing team, often leading to a better utilization of resources and optimized results.

Each agency-client relationship is unique, and taking the time to assess how you work best together can pay off tenfold with successful creative. These delicate relationships require balancing the company expertise of the internal marketing team with the fresh perspective of the agency. When goals and vision align, and you build on each other’s strengths, the results speak for themselves.

Balance your internal strengths with agency partners.

This process of merging ideas can be challenging at times, especially if the partnership is not built on a solid foundation of respect and trust. Actively listening to your client and opening lines of honest communication from the start can go a long way in developing a strong, effective working relationship.

This proved to be the case when AMPM collaborated with Consumers Energy on their new Energy Efficiency campaign. Working closely with their internal marketing group and a third-party consultant, we developed a rhythm that enhanced each of our respective strengths. This effective teamwork led to the development of high-level strategy and creative assets, including more than 40 videos targeted to specific audience needs.

Addy Award Winner

The overall results? An award-winning campaign and successful partnership that everyone could be proud of.

Check out the results of our award-winning collaboration with Consumers Energy on their Energy Efficiency campaign.

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