Addy Award Winner

Consumers Energy | Energy | Campaign

Collaborating to create efficiency

Navigating the relationship between internal and agency teams can be tricky, but often leads to better work and a more efficient use of resources. Consumers Energy has a robust internal marketing team but when bandwidth is low they leverage agency support to supplement their marketing efforts. Partnering with an external firm can bring new perspectives to strategic plans or provide fresh ideas for your team. It’s fitting Consumers implemented this tactic when building out their award-winning Energy Efficiency campaign.

Ideation was the first step in the campaign development process. Hero images and messaging were created to anchor each major market.

Working with the internal marketing group as well as a third-party consultant, a high level strategy was crafted along with creative assets for the Consumers Energy team to implement.

In addition to collateral and templates, more than forty targeted videos were produced to serve the needs of each specific audience across multiple channels.

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