Beyond a brand name – mascots give you a face.

Mickey Mouse, Tony the Tiger and Mr. Clean. All of these are famous mascots, easily recognizable by people of all ages. In this article we’ll explore why mascots are important and how they serve in achieving the duties of the brand.

Simply put, a brand mascot is a character or object that represents or personifies a brand. Successful brand mascots stick in our minds and become synonymous with the brand itself. With markets more competitive than ever, brand mascots can be used to set you apart. In fact, research conducted by Technicolor Creative Studios found that mascots can increase profit and emotional connection with customers by up to 41%.

How can a mascot elevate your brand?

  • A mascot should enhance your brand personality and strengthen your brand identity
  • When implemented correctly, a mascot will grab your audience’s attention and help you stand out in the market
  • A mascot can be utilized in creative, logos, social media and more
  • Mascots humanize the brand and give the audience something to remember and relate to

To be effective, brand mascots should not be chosen without serious creative and strategic consideration. You must first have a clear understanding of your identity and voice. If the mascot does not parallel these ideals and connect to brand attributes, it will not serve its purpose.

“Here … kitty, kitty” – capturing the spirit of your brand.

A prime example of brand mascot development is SwiftWall’s mountain lion. When creating this mascot, we first defined the most important product and brand attributes. Then, we went to work researching a mascot that would emphasize these features. We arrived at an animal that represented all these characteristics — the mountain lion (or cougar, depending which region you live). They are a symbol of strength, speed and agility, all attributes that fit SwiftWall’s products. Mountain lions are territorial, adaptable and work to preserve their habitats, making them a perfect fit for a modular system that redefines spaces and easily molds to fit the location it is being installed in. They are both strong and beautiful, reflecting SwiftWall’s durability and aesthetic.

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Once the mascot was selected, it helped drive messaging, inspiring the tagline “Define Your Territory” and headlines like “Claim Your Space.” A prominent feature in social media, print ads, videos and more, the mountain lion increases brand recognition and draws the audience in. Just as Mickey Mouse, Tony the Tiger and Mr. Clean elevate their respective brand identities and help them stand out, so now does the SwiftWall mountain lion.

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