Sizzle videos – the new elevator pitch

A death-defying value proposition

The concept of the elevator pitch is as old as the term marketing itself. According to legend, it began in 1852 when elevator pioneer Elisha Otis constructed a working elevator shaft at his local trade fair. While perched atop the three-story structure, he proceeded to take an axe to the rope suspending him. The crowd watched in horror as he plummeted toward the ground only to be saved by his new Otis stopping mechanism which eased the carriage to a stop before crashing to the ground. What Otis did was demonstrate the benefit of his product to the audience rather than tout his mechanical expertise. This is the heart of a great value proposition in any pitch.

Video takes the stage

Fast forward more than a hundred and seventy years and we’re still trying to refine that concept with a memorable first impression, a relevant narrative and a compelling offer that evokes response. These are the building blocks of the modern-day elevator pitch. But as society and technology have advanced, our delivery methods have evolved. Websites and social media channels have replaced communication traditionally reserved for boardrooms and watercoolers – and in this realm, video is king. In fact, one-third of all online activity is spent watching video. Social videos generate 1200% more shares than text and images combined, and Facebook alone boasts over a half a billion video viewers daily. A well-crafted brand video can educate, entertain and inspire your customers in places your sales team can’t.

Tips for building an effective brand video

For short, provocative, sizzle-reel-style videos, the traditional elevator pitch model works well. Keep in mind that it’s more powerful to show rather than tell. Use a combination of simple text and dynamic visuals to express your message rather than detailed voice overs or large amounts of text. Just as if you were speaking face-to-face, keep it short and focus on creating an emotional connection rather than trying to communicate your entire service offering. Remember, the only job for this video is to compel the viewer to take the next step.

Watch the AMPM sizzle video

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