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Keeping your brand and content fresh

Duro-Last is a top brand in their industry with decades of equity. Part of their success comes from not taking that for granted. They are constantly evolving their message and tactics to stay ahead of the curve. Balancing a brand heritage with a need to connect with today’s consumers is a constant challenge. Duro-Last has continually embraced new campaigns, trends and platforms to build on their legacy as the “World’s Best Roof®”.

A strategic media mix is crucial to achieving maximum results. Creating a targeted marketing plan can provide a path to success but should also be nimble enough to capitalize on unexpected opportunities. 

Duro-Last has moved with their audience to a progressively more digital marketplace. While not abandoning traditional media, substantial gains are being seen on emerging platforms.

Regardless of tactics, always be looking for ways to excite your customers with new and engaging ideas that inspire action.

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