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Wayfinding for
those who want
to be lost

Wayfinding for those who want to be lost

The process of mapping the campus and developing wayfinding components was an orchestrated effort.

To start, the team at Amalgam GPS-tagged thousands of plants and miles of trails. Using this data along with the designs from Metcalf®, we were able to piece together the future property and attractions.

A complete system of wayfinding elements and signage was then developed including interactive maps, trail-markers and signage.

Explore the door

Visitors can select panels from the door to learn their story. Each piece was hand-selected by the Dow family on their travels throughout the world.

In addition to the restoration of this work of art containing 167 pieces of wood from 49 species of trees, educational kiosks were developed containing fun facts and photos from this incredible piece of history.

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