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A solar science
experience –
under the sun

A solar science experience – under the sun

Educating future generations on renewable energy needed to move out of the classroom and Dow wanted to do their part in the community. AMPM was brought in to develop a permanent installation on the grounds of their corporate headquarters to educate visitors about the science of solar technology.

This installation features seating and a lectern for demonstrations or a casual lunch, two interactive kiosks and a walk-around timeline that all center around a working sundial sculpture with sunbeam canopies, which ironically, block out the sun.

Museum-style displays deliver a tactile, hands-on encounter
that allows users to physically interact with the story along
with raw materials used in solar cell production.

Educational for children and adults, the installation is framed by 136 functional solar panels and was unveiled as part of a PR event announcing the company’s continued commitment to renewable energy.

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