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Appealing to architects' sense of wonder and pride

Appealing to architects' sense of wonder and pride

Specifiers are a powerful audience, but notoriously difficult to influence. Getting through the door is hard, getting their attention is even harder. In our efforts to rebrand the DOWSIL™ product line, we produced a kit containing literature and a colorful set of playing cards along with a challenge: to use their imagination to construct an epic playing card “building” to showcase their ingenuity and creativity.

Dow Direct Mail Brochure
Dow Direct Mail Brochure
Dow Direct Mail Card Box

Each card was essentially a case study showcasing iconic buildings and architects using DOWSIL™ products. Participants were able to upload photos of their creation to the microsite, where they were entered to win a smart watch.

Dow Direct Mail Icons
Dow Direct Mail Microsite
Dow Direct Mail Cards

Showcasing the entries and contest winners on the landing page gave users a reason to keep checking back and ultimately link over to the main site to explore the full suite of available products.

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